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The activist is the man

      who cleans up the river.

~ Ross Perot

Our Mission: " to encourage sustainable environmental practices in Haralson County through public education and community-based programs."

   2023 Keep Haralson Beautiful              Calendar of Events

April 22 - Spring Tire Recycle
  April 22 - Scrap Metal Recycle

  September 9 - Household Hazardous Waste
October 14 - Electronics Recycle
October 14 - Fall Tire Recycle
October 14 - Scrap Metal Recycle

  Earth Day 
March 25 - River Launch Cleanup
May 6 -  Landfill Partnership
  August 19 - Landfill Partnership

  Ongoing Programs:

  Adopt a Road
  Vehicle Recycling
  Litter Equipment Loan
  Event Recycling Container Loan


Tire recycling event
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Keep Haralson  Beautiful is an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, a leading national non-profit dedicated to environmental causes that include litter prevention, promoting recycling, education, and beautification. Established in 1953, Keep America Beautiful provides the expertise, programs and resources to help people End Littering, Improve Recycling, and Beautify America’s Communities. The organization is driven by the work and passion of more than 600 community-based Keep America Beautiful affiliates, millions of volunteers, and the support of corporate partners, municipalities, elected officials, and individuals.

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Keep Georgia Beautiful Foundation believes everyone should do their part to build and maintain clean, green, and beautiful spaces. That’s why we take action every day to improve and beautify communities across Georgia.

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Keep America Beautiful inspires and educates people to take action every day to improve and beautify their community environment. We envision a country in which every community is a clean, green, and beautiful place to live.

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