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Adopt-A-Road Program

The Keep Haralson Beautiful Adopt-A-Road/Place program is modeled after the Georgia Department of Transportation's Adopt-A-Highway program.  The Adopt-A-Road/Place program consists of individuals, groups, organizations and businesses who volunteer at least 4 times a year to clean litter from the sides of roads and public places. This is a volunteer based program; therefore, there are no fees or charges to the participants.  However, any entity (person or business/organization) which wishes to sponsor/adopt a road or place, must be a dues paying member of Keep Haralson Beautiful.    


If you are interested in adopting a road or place you will need to consider:

  • The goal is to have a mile of road litter policed on a consistent and ongoing basis.  Thus, the sponsor must choose a mile (if logical, the distance can be more or less than a mile - at the discretion of the KHB board) or place to adopt. Sometimes people have a road or place in mind that they wish to adopt while others can choose from a list provided by Keep Haralson Beautiful.

  • Recruit participants 16 years or older.  Those under the age of 16 are NOT authorized to litter pick on roadways through this program, but may do so in public parks away from traffic.  Those who choose to adopt a public park or other public place, may recruit people 12 and over.  Those under 18 and over 16 must be partnered with someone over the age of 18.  Anyone under the age of 16 must be partnered with their parent(s) or legal guardian.

  • A group leader or Litter Captain must be determined and appointed.

  • Read and sign the attached agreement.

  • Keep Haralson Beautiful will provide the organization information for safety training.

  • Utilize parental consent forms and release of liability forms provided by Keep Haralson Beautiful.

  • Participate in clean-ups at least 4 times per year, on a quarterly basis.

  • Monitor your adopted road or place between clean-ups.

  • Report clean-up results to Keep Haralson Beautiful


In return, Keep Haralson Beautiful provides volunteers with the following:

  • Signage with the individual’s or group’s name at each end of the designated mile (typically) of road or entrance to a place (with permission from the property owner).

  • Safety training for the group leader/Litter Captain.

  • Coordination of scheduling for quarterly clean-up events.

  • Annual recognition for the volunteer group.

  • High visibility safety vests. These may be checked out or purchased.  Checked out vests must be returned.

  • Trash bags, if available.

  • Gloves if requested.

  • Litter pickers.  These may be checked out or purchased. Checked out litter pickers must be returned.

Click to download a Request Form here.

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