Why Should I Be Involved?

Picking up litter in Haralson county has its obvious advantages: roads and properties are neat and clean, pests and rodents stay away. But the other benefits are harder to see - unless you look for them. Benefits such as a sense of community pride and accomplishment, getting to know your neighbors during projects, increased property values and increased safety. The list goes on. Click here to see our impact in Haralson County! So sign up to be a part of improving the lives of our families by clicking on an event in our calendar to view volunteer opportunities. See ya soon!


Get Involved: Volunteer!

The BEST way to be involved? VOLUNTEER! One of our goals at Keep Haralson Beautiful is to provide opportunities for our citizens to be able to participate in our efforts. To that end, we make it easy to sign up for volunteer efforts. This gives you take active steps in our community to change our environment for our families and businesses. Volunteering happens on different levels by lending us your time, hands, ideas and support. 

Sign Me Up!

To Volunteer, click on an event in the calendar to add your name to the list of volunteers for an event. You'll see more information about the event and you'll receive our e-newsletter.




Stay Informed: Get the Newsletter!

A big part of being part of a solution is staying on top of what's going on. Our free e-newsletter will keep you in-the-know about upcoming volunteer opportunities, meetings, needs and our results! So if you're not getting the message, sign up below!


Share Our Recycling Tips Flyer

An easy way to get involved with Keep Haralson Beautiful is to promote recycling in YOUR neighborhood! We've provided a FREE RECYCLING TIPS flyer that you can download and share with friends, neighbors, classmates, officemates and local businesses to get the word out. 


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