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KHB Public Land Beautification Scholarship

Keep Haralson Beautiful is a 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to pursuing environmental sustainability and beautification enhancement programs in Haralson County.  The Board of Directors believes in the power of education to change lives and communities and it is in this spirit that Keep Haralson Beautiful offers a scholarship of $500.00 to a selected 12TH grade student attending classes within the county. 


In addition to this application form, the organization’s website ( should be consulted in order to familiarize the applicant with the mission statement and goals of Keep Haralson Beautiful.  The Board of Directors reserves the right to clarify any requirements of this scholarship and, in the case of not having any applicants meet the requirements here listed, reserves the right to not award any scholarship during the calendar year.


Scholarship Application Requirements:


(1)  Applying individual must be a 12th grade student who is actively attending classes within the boundaries of Haralson County.  Students being homeschooled must provide proof that the appropriate letter of homeschooling intent was filed with the GA Department of Education.

(2)  Applying individual must have plans to attend a preparatory college or technical school upon graduation from their high school and must provide evidence of acceptance to the school that the applicant intends to attend.

(3)  Applying individual must complete the scholarship’s application forms as well as the programmatic requirements as listed below:

Keep Haralson Beautiful will provide one $500.00 scholarship disbursement to the individual selected by the Board of Directors.  This disbursement will occur two weeks after the completion of the selected applicant’s school year, in the form of a check written from the organization to the selected applicant.  The check will be written out directly to the selected applicant and the money may be used at the discretion of the selected applicant.  However, the selected applicant will be required to sign a good-faith pledge that the money will be used in some way to advance or provide for the applicant’s educational needs.


Scholarship Program Requirements:

All scholarship application materials must be submitted through the Keep Haralson Beautiful website under the appropriate tab in the programming section on the page.  In an essay not to exceed 1,500 words, the applicant will design and plan a beautification project on a piece of public property, to take place within the boundaries of Haralson County, and to be implemented with a budget not exceeding $500.00.  This essay should recommend a site plan with listed and priced improvement elements identified.  It is anticipated that most of the budget will be used to acquire plants or other materials intended to beautify the location selected by the applicant.  Any labor used in implementation should be volunteer.  Within the body of the essay, the applicant must provide:

(1)  An identified beautification need within Haralson County;

(2)  Signed approval of the project from the governmental entity which owns the land where the project is to be completed (by city manager or highest elected official;

(3)  A summary regarding how Keep Haralson Beautiful is uniquely positioned to solve this beautification need;

(4)  An explanation regarding how the project aligns with the goals and/or mission statement of Keep Haralson Beautiful;

(5)  An accounting of how the program’s allotted budget would be spent to accomplish the objectives of the beautification project;

(6)  A list of any key stakeholders or partners that would need to be involved in the project;

(7)  An estimate of the number of volunteers and volunteer hours necessary for applicant to complete the project;

(8)  A quantifiable metric through which the results of the project can be measured;

An understanding of local laws and or ordinances may be necessary depending on the type of project proposed.  The applicant is encouraged to research those ordinances and to use the resources available on the Keep Haralson Beautiful webpage to better inform themselves of governing statutes.  The purpose of this project is to enhance beautification on public lands within Haralson County - as such, this project will be conducted on land owned by a governmental entity (city, county, school board or other authority).  Therefore, coordination with, and approval of, the planned project with the governmental entity owning the property MUST be accomplished.  Also, a stated oath/promise by the governmental entity that they are in agreement to upkeep and maintain proposed beautification project in perpetuity is required.  If projects require digging, the applicant MUST first notify the Georgia State Underground Utilities Protection center (811) prior to work commencing - the life you save may be your own.


If an applicant’s beautification program is selected by the Board of Directors, the applicant will be invited to work with Keep Haralson Beautiful following their selection to utilize an actual $500.00 budget and to fully implement their program.  In recognition of that assistance, the Board of Directors will provide the applicant with a certificate signifying their role in developing and implementing the program.  The organization believes that the experience gained in this process will benefit the applicant later in life and will assist them in practicing and applying real-world community development skill sets.

Applications should be submitted through the web portal provided in the Programming section of the Keep Haralson Beautiful webpage.   Based on the typical senior year, beginning in August and ending by June of the following year, the following schedule for applying is hereby established:

  1. All Applications MUST be submitted by the last day of December.

  2. Keep Haralson Beautiful will select the winning submission and will notify the winning applicant by the second week of February.

  3. The approved project must be completed by the last day of the applicant’s school year.

  4. Scholarship funds shall be disbursed within two weeks of the completion of the applicant’s school year (assuming the project passes inspection by Keep Haralson Beautiful and the relevant governmental entity).

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